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E68:Pre-launch - Get to Know Us! - Amanda + Jess

June 16, 2022

After nearly TWO years, the Hello San Pedro Podcast is back! This is our get-to-know-us episode before we relaunch the weekly regular episodes which will return in two weeks. In this episode you'll get to know Amanda, the original host, and Jess, our brand new co-host. Hear our stories and why we love this town so much.

We're so excited to bring to you brand new episodes with amazing guests in the next few weeks. Please share this episode with friends, family or co-workers and leave us a review if you're feeling generous. Also, if you want bonus episodes, exclusive content and all the extras, then subscribe to our Patreon page where we will be sharing content for patrons only.

So glad to be back!

- Amanda + Jess


Hello San Pedro



Thank you to Rock Ashfield at Palm Realty Boutique for the generous recording space!

Rock Ashfield

(562) 243-2809

Palm Realty Boutique San Pedro

255 W 6th St.

San Pedro, CA 90731


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