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E52: Pedro & Corona - April 23, 2020 - w/ Angela Romero, Founder of San Pedro Heritage Museum

Today on the show Josh and I go over shows we're watching and podcasts we're listening to as well as the local coronavirus related updates.  Joining us on the show is now 5-time guest, Angela Romero, Founder of the San Pedro Heritage Museum and local historian.  She's been actively capturing how this pandemic has affected our community since things really escalated back in March. Her photo of empty grocery shelves landed the cover of San Pedro Today's April Issue because of its historical significance. We ask her what prompted her to take the initiative and get on the frontlines of capturing these historical events.  She also tells us what we can expect from the museum in the coming weeks. Please visit the museum's website for more info.  LINKS: SPONSOR: To send in your stories, email:


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