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E50: Pedro & Corona - April 18, 2020 - Looking Forward

Hello, everyone. In this episode Josh and I talk about the jump in cases from our last episode which was originally 55 cases (over 20 case jump from last week) but the day after we recorded, that number jumped to a total of 70 cases! That means that there's been approximately a 40 case jump since our last Pedro& Corona episode.  This just means we all have to continue doing our part and stay at home.

We also focus on the things we miss and look forward to during our time of isolation.  Josh suggests everyone take a break from the screens and listen to some music. I couldn't agree more.  

Don't forget to send your Mask Selfie to with 75 words or less describing how your life has changed during the pandemic. Have you been more creative? Have you started cooking more? Working out? Maybe taken up a new hobby? Send in your submissions for a chance to be featured on the cover of San Pedro Today Magazine. 


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