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About The Podcast

Hello San Pedro is a local weekly podcast about the community that lives and thrives in San Pedro, California. We focus on the people: locals, community-leaders, business-owners and visitors – and their stories. We examine the blurred line between San Pedro’s deeply-rooted culture and its revitalization. Listen as we explore the culture, history and charm that make this LA port town a hidden gem.

You can listen to Hello San Pedro on Apple Podcasts on: 

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About The HOSTS


recently moved to San Pedro from NYC and fell in love with the town and the people. She's a former journalist with a creative spirit that moonlights as a barista. Baramee Thai and Miller Butler pizza are her go-to Pedro faves. 

grew up in San Pedro and is a native passionate about seeing this town thrive. She is a creative with an entrepreneurial spirit that has helped many local small businesses. Colossus iced coffee and a Choriman burrito are her go-to Pedro breakfast.

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