About The Podcast

The Hello San Pedro Podcast is a local podcast about San Pedro, California and the community that lives and thrives here, hosted by Amanda Silva. On this podcast we focus on the people, interviewing a new local person of interest each week and listening their story, their relation to San Pedro and their thoughts on local issues. I will also bring on random guests from time to time to talk about all things San Pedro.

If you love San Pedro, live/work in the community, or are looking to call this beautiful place your home then please join us by subscribing to the podcast, sending in your stories/questions, suggesting topics and taking our surveys. We love hearing from our listeners and want to improve in any way we can. 

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How I See It... 

All About Your Host

 My name is Amanda Silva. I grew up right above Western Avenue in Rancho Palos Verdes and now live with my husband and our son in the Coastal San Pedro neighborhoods. I enjoy long walks on Paseo and grabbing a coffee with friends at Sirens. 

I graduated from FIDM with an AA in Visual Communications and a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management.  I currently work a nine-to-five in LA as a office admin for a multi-million dollar health and fitness company. Though I'm grateful for my corporate job, as it has provided for me and my family and allowed me to spend paid time off with my son after he was born, if I'm being honest, the time I enjoyed most was the time I spent freelancing for the local magazine. There I organized  and taught social media workshops for the small business community. I also worked one-on-one with business owners to find the best social media strategies for them.  I realized how much I cared for our local businesses and how passionate I was about seeing our town thrive. Now, a couple years later, and after lots of FOMO, I want to get to know my community again. 

Right now, our town is about to see huge changes whether we're ready for it or not. The renovation of the waterfront is grabbing the attention of major developers, investors and innovators.  This can be really good for us, or it might catch us off guard. Either way San Pedro is changing, and I want to make sure its positive.

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