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E5: HOMESICK FOR PEDRO with Marissa Haney

Co-host Marissa and I talk about what its like to miss San Pedro. She, living on the east coast now, describes the details of her hometown that she misses most and what it's like being so far from home.

EPISODE DATE: 10/25/2018

Marissa Haney, my life-long best friend, was born and raised in San Pedro and moved away when she first went to study at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. There she met her husband and together they live on the East Coast in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She doesn't miss California's boring sunny weather but she does miss being able to drive down the street to spend time at the beach.

Marissa on what she missed about San Pedro when she first moved away:

"I never hated San Pedro but I left it and then I was like "oh, but what if I want to sit on the beach today? Or what if I want to get a pastrami sandwich from Busy Bee?"... "
- Marissa

We talk about how growing up in San Pedro feels like growing up in a bubble and how it didn't feel like Los Angeles.

Two types of people in San Pedro

She describes being younger and knowing in her spirit that she wasn't going to stay in San Pedro forever and I talk about being young and knowing I'll never leave. We discuss that many people from San Pedro usually identify with one or the other.

The sounds of the port were a comfort to Marissa falling asleep at night:

"Laying in bed at night as a kid, at certain hours, I could hear seals barking and ships moving and, like, cranes moving stuff and big things moving around in the port. Those sounds were really comforting to me."
- Marissa

We discuss our memories of Ports O' Call. I fill her in on what's new in San Pedro. For some reason I felt it was necessary to update her on all the Starbucks' in town as well as the grocery stores. Our conversation is very fluid and we get off topic a little but for anyone who's interested in San Pedro it should be entertaining.

We also go over San Pedro themed costume ideas for Halloween. Suggestions were sent in via Instagram and we talk about each one of them.

Marissa's hopes for San Pedro

She feels that not a lot of people know where San Pedro is, and she hopes that the town will get more exposure. The changes are exciting but only if people know about it to enjoy it.


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