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E11: San Pedro Food Scene with Gio Koletty

What are the most iconic food spots in San Pedro? Listen to me and my cohost, world traveling chef and local foodie, Gio Koletty talk about all things food in San Pedro.

EPISODE DATE: 12/06/2018

So I knew my friend, Gio Koletty, is a big local foodie. I didn't know that early in his career he spent time in Australia as a chef in the Sydney Opera House. He tells us why he chose food as his career and blames his career as a chef for an incurable itch to travel.

He is passionate about food, creating it, eating it and most of all discovering it. From across the world to his own backyard, Gio is always on the hunt for delicious food. We talk about the role social media plays in discovering food worldwide and locally.

Gio on San Pedro Breakfast :

"Pedro, we're lucky, we're sort of spoiled because we have really good breakfast spots, and a lot of them. And I love that they're more, like, old school breakfast spots. " - Gio Koletty

We talk about some local food spots that we both love, a few restaurants that we mention: Baramee Thai, Whale and Ale, Nam's Red Door, Pappy's, Rex's Cafe, Lighthouse Cafe, Pacific Diner, San Pedro Cafe, Busy Bees, San Pedro Fish Market and lots more!

Gio and his girlfriend, Wendy, love walking to the local spots and he talks about his favorite place for tacos, imperial rolls, Thai, breakfast and authentic Mexican food.

Gio on what he would like to see more of in the San Pedro food scene:

"If we could, with this waterfront, if we could get a food market that is sort of like, 'Grand-Central-Market-esque' that would be awesome. Where they have everything and anything underneath the sun."- Gio Koletty

The Food Survey

In the episode, we review the results of the food survey that I put out on the website. We don't go over every question and answer but we go over listener's answers about their favorite casual food spots as well as their opinion on the most iconic San Pedro foods.

The food survey is still open for responses, link below.


Gio's Instagram

Food Survey


Siren's Java & Tea


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