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E10: The Local Fruit Trading Scene in SP with Army Linderborg

Did you know there is a local fruit trading scene in San Pedro? In this tenth episode Army Linderborg joins me to tell us about all the amazing fruit that is being grown literally in our backyards.

EPISODE DATE: 11/29/2018

San Pedro grown Dragon Fruit

Army Linderborg is not from here but she's definitely a Pedro Girl now. She's a wife, mom, San Pedro homeowner and a proud fruit picker. Army moved here from Venice after it became overly gentrified and she was priced out of the area. Of course, seeking cheaper home prices on a coast, she landed in our lovely San Pedro.

One of the reasons she bought the home she did was because it had beautiful fruit trees. Since then she's become passionate about sharing and trading fruit with her neighbors and spreading the good vibes through her Air BnB Experience.

Army on what she loved about SP when she first visited :

"It just felt so magical. The port, so much was happening. Seeing San Pedro from the water, it's so beautiful... if you've ever done the Harbor Cruise, I highly recommend it." - Army Linderborg

She shares her personal journey to homeownership here in town and how she fell in love with her fruit trees. During the episode recording she brought me a fruit basket with a variety of fruit grown literally in her and her neighbor's backyard. You'll hear me ooh and aww over the gorgeous exotic fruit she brings me and it doesn't stop there, you'll hear me indulge in the goodness.

Army wants us to go out, meet our neighbors and share fruit amongst each other. She tells us the variety of fruit that grows in San Pedro and her adventures of fruit picking in the local neighborhoods. When I ask about gardening, she explains that she is a gatherer and simply wants us to eat and enjoy the fruit growing in our yards.

Army on her passion:

"I just really feel passionately that we have all these amazing resources and its our duty to maximize them and not let them go to waste. It breaks my heart to see a pile of dead guavas with bugs on them on the ground." - Army Linderborg

We talk about how becoming a mom inspired us to become better human beings and make us want better for our kids, and a sustainable future for our planet.

The foreshadowing of gentrification in San Pedro

In the episode, she shares what it was like to watch Venice gentrify before her eyes and felt the push as she was priced out of the housing market. This makes her a conscious resident and homeowner of the San Pedro community and hopes that we all take tourism into our own hand by offering "experiences" of our own to show tourists our version of San Pedro.

Army was so incredibly inspiring and I hope to follow in some of her footsteps starting with growing fruit in my backyard and working my way up to hosting my very own Air BnB experience.


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