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E44: Meet Kristin & Nick of Colossus Bread + Pastry

Beware this episode will make you hungry! Today my guests are Kristin Colossus-Rodriguez and her husband Nick Rodriguez, co-owners of Colossus, a new bread and pastry shop right next door to the Chori-Man. Co-hosting this episode with me is Marissa Haney, childhood BFF, former Pedro girl and pastry chef.  Marissa actually put me in touch with  Colossus via Instagram a few months before they opened shop. The excitement has been building and the deliciousness was worth the wait.  Listen to Kristin and Nick share their story of how they met, what led them to start their own business and why they chose San Pedro for their brick and mortar location.


Colossus on Instagram Colossus' website Co-host Marissa on Instagram



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