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E29: Local Coffee Pop-Up "Trinity CBC" w/ Paul Bobadilla

In this week's episode I sit down with Paul Bobadilla and his wife Christina to talk about their new local business, a coffee pop-up.

EPISODE DATE: 4/18/2019

Before I get to the conversation part of this episode, I first announce the winner of our Instagram giveaway. Badfish hooked us up with a lot of merch and to celebrate our reaching over 500 followers on Instagram, we decided to do an Instagram giveaway. The winner announced was @danikristino!!! Congrats! [You will receive a message via Instagram and details of how to claim your merch will be detailed].

Almost exactly two years ago, on Easter weekend in 2017, Paul Bobadilla and his wife Christina started their coffee pop up out of their garage, originally with the goal to meet their neighbors and bring their immediately community closer together. They have continued to uphold that mission along with providing a premium cup of coffee to all their customers. Since then they have grown and now serve coffee at various and sporadic pop-up locations all over San Pedro.

Paul on treating our homeless neighbors with respect :

"As we are living and doing life and doing business in the streets... how do we continually acknowledge these people that we see?...We have to remind one another that they have a lot of value."

A lot of care and consideration is put into each cup of coffee that's made. The acronym "CBC" at the end of the Trinity name can roughly be summed up to these three words: "coffee", "brew" and "culture". These things are not overlooked by Paul in the process of making a good cup of coffee for his customers. He makes sure that the coffee he chooses is ethically sourced from farms that pay their harvesters fair wages. The brewing processes is just as important as the source of coffee. Paul uses a pour-over device to make every cup and will eventually look into the cold-brewing process for iced coffee drinkers. Finally the aspect of culture and community are part of the Trinity CBC brand. Its not a fast cup on the go, it's intended to be enjoyed with conversation.

We also discuss how small businesses can keep in mind the social good they want their businesses to be a part of from early stage. Even in the start-up phase, him and his wife consider how they want to make their San Pedro community a better place.


Trinity CBC

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