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E22: Manuel Jimenez - Owner of Black Knight Patrol

This week's guest is Manuel Jimenez, the young owner of Black Knight Patrol, a local private security company. At 25 he has accomplished a lot and now he's running for Honorary Mayor.

EPISODE DATE: 2/21/2019

This episode starts off with me reading two great reviews that the podcast has received this year. I also encourage everyone who hasn't rated the podcast on iTunes to do so and leave a review. This really helps out the show in the long term.

Manuel Jimenez was born and raised in San Pedro. He is a proud alumnus of 15th Street Elementary School, Dana Middle School, and San Pedro High School Police Academy Magnet, where he was elected Senior Class President. Manuel enrolled in the LAPD Harbor Division Cadet program, at the age of 14 and continued the program until the age of 18. He enlisted into the US Marine Corps and was an active member o the reserve component. He is currently the owner of Black Knight Patrol, a local private security company based in San Pedro.

Manuel shares with us that after he graduated from high school he went on to continue his schooling at LA Harbor College where he graduated with his AA degree. He then decided that college wasn't for him. He joined the United States Marine Corps instead and reflects on his time with them positively. But soon after, he pursued his dream of becoming a police officer and joined the police academy. When the time came to take the test he failed twice and had to meet with high ranking officers who were the decision makers for his fate in the police force. Unfortunately, this conversation did not go well.

Manny on his reaction to being sent home from the Police Academy :

"At twenty-one, first of all, getting fired for the first time, and hearing that from an executive at a law enforcement agency, it destroyed me.... I just thought, 'You know what, I'm just going to take that for face value. Everything happens for a reason.' ''- Manuel Jimenez

Though he was initially devastated, that didn't stop him from pursuing his dream. He shares about his time working various security jobs which inspired him to start Black Knight Patrol. He credits his amazing employees to Black Knight Patrol's success thus far.

Manuel on the early years of Black Knight Patrol:

" I was working a lot. So I was working my normal job and I was going out on patrol at night... But I think it's totally worth it." -Manuel Jimenez

He actively hires diverse employees and veterans. He is currently graduating from the police academy this week and will continued to work toward his goal of becoming a law enforcement officer. He is running for honorary mayor and his campaign is raising money fro LAPD Harbor Division Cadet Program, Clean San Pedro, and Sharefest.


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