E19: Stacy Jackson - Owner of NUDA Juice Shop

Today's episode guest is a local business owner who is passionate about health and wellness and left her career in fashion to open a vegan organic juice shop in San Pedro with the mission of reversing Cancer.

EPISODE DATE: 1/31/2019

Stacy Jackson, originally from Moreno Valley tells us about how her passion for health and wellness began after she experienced her own transformations with a healthy vegan diet. Her new found passion led her to leave her career as a fashion designer in Downtown Los Angeles and took her to Costa Rica where she worked closely with doctors as an intern chef. When she returned from her eyeopening travels she immediately got to work as a health coach and found herself in a celebrity market. She name-drops a few celebrities she's worked with and helped get into amazing shape.

We discuss the societal norms around health and wellness and the lack of education many of us have on the subject. She took her product to the streets by going to all the local farmers markets in the major beach cities of Los Angeles. It was after a few rounds of farmers markets that she decided that it was time for a brick and mortar shop.

Stacy on setting up shop in San Pedro :

"It's cheap. The place where I moved into, a lot people will recall, was Jolly Burrito so it was already a restaurant so I did't have to spend that much money to open. " - Stacy Jackson

She shares some of the challenges of opening a business in downtown San Pedro and she listed the number one challenge is getting pedestrian traffic in the area. The best part for her is that she loves the tight knit community that San Pedro has.

Stacy on what she loves about San Pedro:

" In San Pedro its really lovely meeting the community. I think everyone's so tight knit and everyone is so kind here." - Stacy Jackson

In the second half of the episode she shares with us everything her shop has to offer from cold press juices, to blended smoothies, to avocado toast and pre-prepped raw food dishes and much, much, more. She is looking to offer her prepped meals to the surrounding communities and beyond very soon by making her products available for order.

NUDA Juice shop is hosting a garden swap every month, the next one being on Feb. 16th. She is also looking to offer her prepped meals to the surrounding communities and beyond very soon by making her products available for order.


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