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E2: WOLF BRADLEY - Lead Singer of Local Band, The Habits & Growing Up In Pedro

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

In this episode we talk about growing up as a dancer in San Pedro, how it prepared him for being in a band and where the inspiration came from for their latest single "Robber In A Dress".

EPISODE DATE: 10/4/2018

We sat down for coffee and talked about how we met over ten years ago when the band had more members and a different name. It's come a long way since then.

Growing Up In San Pedro

Wolf grew up as a ballet dancer, dancing in almost every local performance of the Nutcracker since he was a child. His parents, Cindy and Patrick Bradley own the local ballet school and they were also the couple that took in a prodigy dancer who would go on to become a celebrity ballerina. Funny enough, the guys in the band met through ballet and he talks about the rivalry that took place before they were a band.

Wolf On Being A Singer/Songwriter

He talks about how he enjoys writing sad songs over fun-sounding music.

"I like to write songs that let people know who I am as a person, or what I'm going through, and that's super vulnerable but also fun to listen to 'cause I'm not trying to depress everyone." - Wolf Bradley

Wolf tells me how they got air time on KROQ for the first time and the big opportunities that followed. Their single "Calling Me Up" was catchy and got the attention of major companies in the music industry.

The Habits' Latest Single, Robber In A Dress

Once they got air time on KROQ everyone was waiting for the next big song and they think they've landed on it with their latest single "Robber In A Dress". Let's all hope they book some shows in Pedro so we can see them before they get huge.


YouTube - Robber In A Dress

Instagram @habitstheband


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