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E1: FIRST EPISODE! Who Am I & What Makes San Pedro So Special w/ Angela Romero

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Hear what inspired me to start a local podcast and what makes San Pedro so special with local historian and columnist for San Pedro Today magazine, Angela "Romee" Romero.

EPISODE DATE: 9/30/2018

In this introduction episode of the Hello San Pedro Podcast I tell you a little bit about myself and why I started a local podcast for the San Pedro community

I Introduce Myself, Your Host, Amanda Silva

"I know that change is scary, but I also know that change is inevitable. I want to talk about how we can prepare for it, strategize for it and come out really strong with our local businesses intact..." - Amanda

I talk about what we can expect from the podcast such as what you can expect to hear about on the show and when you can expect new episodes. I also go into three personal reasons that led me to start it.

I Introduce This Episode's Co-host. Angela Romero

Romee and I talk about what makes San Pedro so special and what set's it apart from other towns. She tells us a little about San Pedro's history, first as it's own city and when it became Los Angeles. Romee informs us on how we got our name and even gives us some insight on why it may be pronounced as San "Peedro" and not San "Pey-dro". I learn what makes up "the big three" as far as our demographic goes and what brought so many immigrants to our tiny town.

Romee On People Of San Pedro

"...The one thing that unties us all is that you can trace your family back to that first great-grandpa or great-grandma that came here in search of a job. That's what brought us all here." - Romee

We learn why San Pedro was so attractive to immigrants and why San Pedrans are big on voting. As we banter we talk about how common it is to run into people we know all over town no matter where we go which is a big characteristic of living in San Pedro. We end the podcast discussing how popular this port town is to Hollywood as San Pedro can be spotted on many big films and TV shows.


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