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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Co-host Megan Barnes and I talk all things Misty Copeland in this fan-girling episode including her discovery in San Pedro and the amazing career as a ballerina that followed.

EPISODE DATE: 10/11/2018

Megan and I are huge fans of Misty Copeland but Megan knew of her before she was a ballerina and later she had the privilege of actually interviewing her a couple times at the top of her career as a dancer. Together we discuss her first time trying ballet in our humble Boys & Girls Club and her first two years of training at our local ballet school.

Megan On Seeing Misty For The First Time

"I remember seeing her perform...I was seven. She really left an impression with me 'cause she stood out, she was just so natural and made it look so easy." - Megan Barnes

We discuss her time with her first ballet teachers, the Bradleys, as a child prodigy and her upbringing in San Pedro. Her schooling took place in our local elementary, middle and high schools, and she performed in local performances of the Nutcracker in our Warner Grand Theater.

Misty's Almost Career Ending Moments

Megan and I discuss the multiple points along Misty's career where her journey as a dancer might've ended; one of them being that her impeccable dancing ability and potential may have never been spotted by the right people, once as she faced drama between her ballet training and her personal life that forced her to take extreme measures. She also experienced a brief eating disorder due to poor body-image, and another time where her career was almost certainly doomed because she performed a major show in excruciating pain. Nothing has been able to stop Misty's tenacity and grace.

Misty's Sponsorship, Honors and Appearances

"It's been truly a joy to witness Misty's story as it was happening and to write about it as a reporter. I'm so proud of her and I just really think that she had everything it took... she had the talent, but she also had the drive." - Megan Barnes

Misty has caught the attention of the world dancing for major artists at their concerts, getting sponsored by one of the US's major athletic apparel companies, as well as appearing in a music video for one of hip hop's biggest artists. She also served a national role appointed to her by former President of the United States.

Inspired By Misty

Misty has gone on to break barriers in the African-American community as the first woman of color to make it so far as a ballerina at the most prestigious ballet company, preforming coveted roles in major productions. She has broken mold for women in ballet as she did not have the ideal "ballet body" and is setting the example for women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds to follow their dreams.



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