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E27: Angela "Romee" Romero - The SP Heritage Museum, San Pedro Built & Townee Tours

In today's episode I bring back my favorite repeat guest, Angela "Romee" Romero, to celebrate her recent honor of being recognized by the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce and to talk about her recent endeavors, including the San Pedro Heritage Museum, its first major project "San Pedro Built" and her small business, Townee Tours.

EPISODE DATE: 3/28/2019

Photo by John Mattera

Romee, who has been a guest before, joins me yet again to update us on some very big news (if you aren't familiar with her yet, please refer to episode 1 and 15). She shares with us that the San Pedro Heritage Museum, a museum she's founding and laying the groundwork for, is in its beginning stages of becoming a non-profit. Even though it has not achieved this status just yet, she is not letting it stop her from continuing her important work of discovering San Pedro's history. That is why she is heading up the museum's first major project: "San Pedro Built".

She begins to describe "San Pedro Built" and why she has chosen this as the museum's first project. Rome tells us the encounters she has while at the archives that she has with people in the community wanting to learn more about their family home, and seeking more information from the local archives. Unfortunately, not every residential home or commercial property has been documented over the years so this project is to do just that, document the changes of San Pedro's homes and buildings over the decades. This will take the entire community's help and will continue to be an ongoing project for years to come. She announces upcoming events at which she will be available to scan photos from the photo albums of local families in the area who want to contribute their memories to the San Pedro Heritage Museum.


Romee on finding SP's history :

"'The cool thing is that a lot of Pedro people are still around, they have pictures from their grandparents, and we can crowdsource that stuff."

In the second half of the episode Romee switches gears and shares with us her upcoming events for her business Townee Tours, a tour business she started in 2011. She shares about why she started Townee Tours, and the encouragement she received from her mother who passed away a few months earlier. Romee tells us about her rough start to the business and how it took a really long time for it to catch on and be known in the community as the "tour lady". In 2017 she decided to start her tours back up with a different tour every month. Now she is offering 4-5 different tours on a weekly basis at the request of the SP Chamber of Commerce.

Romee wants to make sure that as she pursues both these endeavors (the museum and her tour business) that she draws a clear distinction between the two.


San Pedro Built event:

History Behind SP Street Names / Photo scanning event

San Pedro Library / April 7th 2pm

Romee's email

San Pedro Heritage Museum Website

Daily Breeze article about Townee Tours

Townee Tours




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