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E23: George Palaziol - Serving San Pedro

This week's guest is George Palaziol, a born and raised San Pedran, an active community member and creator of local Facebook group "Serving San Pedro".

EPISODE DATE: 2/28/2019

George Palaziol was born and raised in San Pedro. He tells us about what it was like growing up in San Pedro and going through the local private schools as opposed to the public schools, attending Holy Trinity for his primary schooling and Mary Star High School. His family has both strong Italian and Mexican roots so both cultures were proudly represented in his environment. Having grown up here his whole life, he tells us about the small town feel of this community and how everyone knows everyone, characteristics of San Pedro that still hold up today.

George went into the Coast Guard after high school and soon after became a locomotive mechanic, work that he did for over ten years. Now he works with many local business owners and non-profits as a graphic designer, which has become something he truly enjoys.

George on San Pedro's working community :

"'San Pedro is definitely a blue collared town. You can tell when you're here that it is a blue collared town - in a good way. People fight for the local community." - George Palaziol

In the second half of the episode I ask him about being on the cover of the local magazine, San Pedro Today, a few years ago. He was honored for starting a local facebook group that has since become controversial, ("Saving San Pedro"). George tells us that he embraces this part of his past and shares that the original reason for starting this group was to address the homelessness crisis that sparked here in San Pedro, specifically, in opposition of tiny homes for the homeless. He has since left the group and distanced himself from it but started another facebook group "Serving San Pedro". This new group, unlike the previous, really focuses on positive things in the community and highlighting organizations that are doing good.

George on staying positive:

" I'm trying not to be a finger pointer now... You gotta be proactive and not just reactive. The constant focus on negativity - it wears on you." -George Paloziol

He tells us about the importance of focusing on the positive things in the community. George shares his excitement for the new San Pedro Public Market, which he also admits he will probably continue to call Ports O' Call. He points out that there is so much to look forward to in the coming months and years.

George Paloziol is a candidate for San Pedro Honorary Mayor and is raising money for San Pedro Packages for Patriots, Battleship IOWA Los Angeles, The Moms Club of San Pedro, and The American Legion - Post 61. The first of his events is a "Breakfast for Dinner" event at The Omelette & Waffle Shop that took place this past Tuesday, February 26th. March 16th will be the next major event called "Battleship at the Battleship", details of which will be announced on his website.


George Palaziol's campaign website

George's business website

George's campaign facebook page





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