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E21: Rudy Caseres - Local Mental Health Advocate

Today's guest is Rudy Caseres, an award winning mental health advocate born and raised in San Pedro. He shares his own mental health journey and gives advice to those struggling with mental health, depression and or suicidal thoughts.

EPISODE DATE: 2/14/2019

In the beginning of the episode, because it also happens to be Valentines day (!!!) I go over some suggestions made by listeners on instagram for the best date spots in San Pedro as well as the most romantic things to do locally.

Rudy Caseres is a San Pedro local who has dedicated his life to helping those who suffer from mental illnesses, depression or suicidal thoughts by sharing his own journey to mental health. He is an award winning mental health advocate, public speaker and event producer. He has traveled the country delivering keynote presentations, worked with organizations such as the American Association of Suicidology, This is My Brave, Mental Health America, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. He has also hosted various storytelling events at The Garden Church and the Warner Grand Theatre and was named one of The Mighty’s Mental Health Heroes of 2017. Rudy currently serves as a board member of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council and is their Homelessness Liaison. In addition to all this he is also running for honorary mayor, raising money for San Pedro Meals On Wheels, Feed & Be Fed and Animals Rule Rescue.

Rudy tells us about his upbringing as a child and some of the thing that made him different than others since he was young. He talks about being bullied and feeling like he was always the odd man out. He shares his experience in the army and how it affected his mental health. Rudy's time in the army only lasted eight months and was not a pleasant experience. He describes the aftermath that would eventually follow and the path that took him on in his mental health journey.

Rudy about the beginning of his own mental health journey :

"I always had a rough childhood and it was very hard for me to find meaning in my life. I always felt like I was a loser, I would get bullied and get called all these names. I had body image issues ... and healthy adulthood, that did not make.''- Rudy Caseres

Rudy found purpose in sharing his story and soon became a traveling public speaker encouraging others who have struggled with their own mental health issues to reach out to a supportive community. He works closely with the Garden Church in downtown San Pedro to reach those in need which is why he puts on story telling events for the community.

Rudy's advice to people struggling with depression:

" If your friends or your family are not getting it, or are hostile toward you; there's a lot of emotional abuse that goes on just because there's so much ignorance - there are people out there who do get it ... You have this wide world online that you can connect with. There is hope beyond San Pedro. " -Rudy Caseres


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