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E18: Podcasting in Pedro with Angel Lem of LEMeKNOW Podcast

Today's episode guest is a fellow local podcaster with the goal of giving local people of interest a platform to share their passions. Angel tells his story wrapped in humor so this is definitely one of the funniest episodes I've recorded so far.

EPISODE DATE: 1/24/2019

I heard about Angel's podcast, the LEMeKNOW Podcast, through a mutual guest of our podcasts (Mike Real from episode 6). Angel Lem has been highlighting local people from the Harbor Area and their passions for almost two years now. Our podcasts are similar in that we are both using our platforms to elevate our community. They differ in a few other ways, one worth mentioning is that his podcast is explicit, so while I recommend his podcast, if you are offended by strong language you might not like it. If that's the case, all you really need to know is that he is using his podcast to expose local talent and passion from our community making it a better place.

Angel tells us a little about why he started his podcast and his upbringing, being born in Long Beach, raised in Tijuana and brought back to Wilmington at the age of nine years old. He shares that during his early twenties he wanted to pursue stand-up comedy but no one was giving him a platform so he decided to make one and share the talents of people like him.

Angel on relocating from Tijuana to Wilmington:

"I didn't know anybody. So for a good six months, all we ate was hot dogs... we didn't have a fridge, we didn't have a TV, we slept on the floor... I didn't know English so I didn't go out. " - Angel Lem

He makes fun of his elementary school years calling himself "the stinky kid" and describing himself in high school as "not having game". Angel told his story sharing hilarious details that had me laughing.

In sharing about how he stumbled on podcasts, he does tell a very personal and serious story about his battle with depression after his first break up ever. Podcasts were a relief for him and made him laugh after a long period of not laughing. It was this that inspired him to start podcasting.

Angel on getting out of depression:

" I was depressed. I couldn't listen to music. I couldn't watch TV. Somehow I stumbled onto podcasting... It happened to be Comedy Bang Bang, and I clicked on it, I heard an episode and it made me laugh. I hadn't laughed in, like, I don't know for how long. "- Angel Lem

I proceed to ask him about his experience as a podcaster and he had a lot of lessons to share with me, some was technical podcasting knowledge and some golden advice about staying positive.

I thoroughly enjoyed recording with Angel Lem and I encourage you all to listen to my episode on his podcast coming soon. I'll be sure to post the link on my instagram as soon as it's available.


Angel Lem's Email:

LEMeKNOW Podcast on Soundcloud

LEMeKNOW Podcast on Instagram




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