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E17: Stephanie Trevizo-Lopez - Tiny House Dweller & Real Estate Investor

In this week's episode Stephanie and I explore the tiny house lifestyle, the possibilities of real estate investing and explore the idea of more people of the community investing in the community.

EPISODE DATE: 1/17/2019

I give a lengthy intro and do my best to prepare the listeners for the conversation that Stephanie and I are about to have. I discuss the changes we are seeing in our town and the likelihood of lower income families being priced out of the community as home values and rents begin to rise. This displacement goes hand in hand with redevelopments such as the ones we're seeing in our port and in the downtown area. I have an interesting, and somewhat overreaching idea.

Stephanie Tevizo-Lopez is the sister of last week's guest, Stacy Trevizo, owner of Cryptospace. The sisters, both transplants, originally from Rancho Cucamonga have made themselves home in our cozy San Pedro and are loving it. In this episode Stephanie shares not only what it's like to own four tiny houses in town but what its like living in one herself. She and her husband have adjusted to tiny-house living and enjoy the amenities San Pedro's downtown has to offer.

Stephanie on what she loves about San Pedro:

"I can walk a couple blocks, I'll see either my tenant or I'll see someone I know who lives around here and I love that. Having never grown up somewhere like that, it seems so cool. It feels like a small town but you're in Los Angeles still, technically." - Stephanie Trevizo-Lopez

Stephanie studied design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (also my alma mater), and started her career in the real estate and development industry as a real estate agent. Since then she has also become a real estate investor herself. She shares what it's like to be a landlord in San Pedro.

In the second half of the episode, Stephanie shares with us her passion for helping others become real estate investors themselves, especially those who aren't trying to be real estate tycoons but rather are seeking financial stability for their families and futures.

Stacy on real estate investing for newbies:

" It's actually very easy to buy one property and it change the whole path of your life. It can definitely set you up for, if not financial freedom, at least a means for covering expenses in retirement or maybe taking an early retirement, and I really like that."- Stephanie Trevizo-Lopez

We discuss the idea of investing in San Pedro and what that could mean for the community and ultimately how it will affect our future here.


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