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E16: Stacy Trevizo - Owner of Cryptospace

Our guest in this week's episode is also our sponsor! Meet the owner of our local crypto currency lounge Cryptospace located in downtown San Pedro.

EPISODE DATE: 1/10/2019

In the beginning of this episode I update our listeners on the LAUSD Teacher Strike that was originally supposed to take place today starting January 10th. I reached out to Jennifer McAfee from Episode 13 for an update and she informed us that the strike was pushed to the 14th. She also wanted to thank the San Pedro community for being so incredibly supportive.

Today on the show I sit down with a local business owner and not to mention one of our sponsors, Stacy Trevizo, owner of Cryptospace in downtown San Pedro. She shares her journey to discovering her passion for the digital currency and what brought her to San Pedro.

Stacy on what cryptocurrency is:

"Its a digital currency that is really not controlled by anybody. Its a technology and it's just out there, there's no owner, and the masses really decide what the value is and what's going to happen with it... It runs on the block chain." - Stacy Trevizo

Stacy goes on to explain what the block chain is and though is a little complicated she doesn't shy away from it. She shares some of the reasons that people are really into bitcoin which includes some freedom aspects as well as other reasons that could possibly be a solution to many global issues. Stacy sheds light on how big the cryptocurrency industry is and why we should all learn more.

She shares why she fell in love with San Pedro and why she felt drawn to it for her business. Stacy loves the small tight knit community that she senses here and the slower pace of our downtown area. Living just a couple blocks from her business on 6th and Mesa she is able to ride her bike and rarely uses her car these days.

Stacy on what attracted her and her business partner to San Pedro:

" My sister is here, and I'm a huge Elon Musk nerd so I was like 'what? Space X is right there?!' So that's what attracted us really."- Stacy Trevizo

She shares what it's like to own a cryptocurrency lounge in downtown San Pedro. Stacy says many people mistake the lounge as a coffee shop or check out the place thinking its a retail shop of some sort. Often she will wave at people who peek through the glass and encourage them to come in and they shake their head no before they finally walk away. There is a lot of intimidation that surrounds the topic of cryptocurrency and she's hoping to engage the community and help everyone learn more about it.






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