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"It's important... We used to have a newspaper just to our self, and so people are hungry, they're hungry for that conversation." 

- Angela Romero, local historian, ep.1


the host

Hi, I'm Amanda.

I'm a native of San Pedro, California and have met amazing people within the community.  The people of this town inspire me and with the renovation of our waterfront already underway I thought what better time to start a podcast about this town? Big change is on the horizon and I want to make sure it's positive. 

If you love San Pedro as much as I do then I hope you'll enjoy this podcast. It was made for you! 

San Pedro Podcast  Amanda Silva Hello San Pedro 

"I hope that [this] podcast will help... we are actually artistic, hardworking, good, good people. We have a few crazy personalities but what town doesn't?"

- Julie Bender, local muralist, ep.4

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"A lot of people don't know where San Pedro is... I think that more exposure, which is what this podcast is doing, is going to help with that. It's a special place."

- Marissa Haney, ep.5

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